Our Legal & Registration Documents

Brief Introduction of the Organization

This organization was established in 1960 in Varanasi, the cultural capital of India by renowned educationists, social reformist, doctors, artists, journalists and other renowned persons of the society for the educational and social development of the poor and the underprivileged people of the society

Registration of NGO

Rukmini Vidyalaya NGO has its registration of 12A and 80G .It also has it's registration with NITI ayog.


Tulsi manas temple

Constructed by family of Varanasi, this modern temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. It is situated at the place Where Tulisdas, the great medieval seer, lived and wrote the epic "Shri Ramcharitmanas", which narrates the life of Lord Rama, the hero of the Ramayana. Verses from Tulidas’s epic are inscribed on the walls. SANKATMOCHAN TEMPLE Lord Hanuman temple, who is known to be the 'Sankatmochak' is just 300 meters from Tulsi Manas Temple. It is an ancient temple considered as built by Goswami Tulsidas himself.