Welcome to Rukmini Vidyalay NGO

RUKMINI VIDYALAYA (Weaker Section, Weaker Federation) was established in the year 1960. By a group of Individuals led by Mr. Divesh P. Tripathi for addressing the plight of certain sections of society distinguishable for their high vulnerability quotient owing to maps & constructions featured in societal make up. With almost 55 years of existence & most honest of intentions the organization, incorporated as a society has touched the lives of thousands of people especially women & children hailing from lowest strata of society & thereby adding meaning to their otherwise uneventful, directions & Mundane existence. Every drop in the ocean counts has been the guiding light for the organization. Thigh there has been small interventions at individual, group or community level but every small step has yielded big chunks of scene of accomplishments.




Kaal Bhairav Temple

It is known as the most ancient temple of Varanasi located near the VishesharGanj. Kalbhairav temple is located at K-32/22 Bharonath, Vishweshwarganj, Varanasi. God KalBhairav is believed to be the “Kotwal of Sati pind”. Without his permission no one can even touch to the Sati pind.